Wireless Automation Customers

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Effective August 9, 2002,  has ceased its operations indefinitely. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and predicament that this may cause our customers who are still using our products.  We understand the risks you are now being placed under without any recourse for customer support or software improvements/fixes. 

However, Intellisoft, Inc. of Florida (makers of "ManageMore Business Software") has agreed to help our customers by providing them with a superior software solution for your wireless business needs.  Intellisoft is by far, one of the largest software developers in the wireless marketplace and has been providing software solutions to cellular dealers, paging carriers, and wireless resellers for over 10 years. 

ManageMore Business Software can provide all the same features that Wireless Automation/Pager Automation customers have come to expect... and much more for your business (i.e. commission tracking, billing, A/R, A/P, terminal interfacing, etc.).  Best of all, has worked closely with Intellisoft to provide a seamless software database conversion to ManageMore. 

For a limited period, Intellisoft will be offering an aggressive competitive upgrade price with data conversion included, for all Automation.Net customers. 

For more information about ManageMore Software solutions, visit them at or call 800.246.3232 and ask about the Automation.Net competitive upgrade offer.

Again, we want to thank all of the thousands of customers that have bought products over the last 10 years and hope that our solutions were able to make your business a successful one.